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Urlaub in der Türkei
Urlaub in der Türkei


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Urlaub in der TürkeiUrlaub in der TürkeiUrlaub in der Türkei

Helmuth Zimmermann · POEMS AND THAUGHTS

Helmuth Zimmermann



©Helmuth Zimmermann

  Avsallar, Alanya, Türkei 2002


A scenting branch of jasmine on the empty pillow.
It will stay, scent, beguile and send me to sleep.
Lots of happy people everywhere don't give an answer.
Lots of sad 's can't give one answer.
Scarcely someone is listening, nor is he questioning.
Lots of people make lonely.

Today I was on the beach, someone asked me: What time is it?


The never passing by love without hold wants to die and live at once.
The death makes helpless and unconscious until the wretchedness of my-self.
The pain is ripping heart and mind.
Unhappy love and dying destroys.
Self-compassion stays, it is the rest and reason.
Tears answering the memory and alleviate the pain.

Somebody told me: I like you


Laughing in the moment of fortune.
Good news surprises me in my dilemma unexpected.
Yearning for reward for achievement and diligence.
Certainty of coming good times and objects.
To see again beloved beings.
Experienced pleasant emotions.

To know we love each other.


It makes no sense, everything is coincidence without orientation and destination.
There is no beginning and no end, in contrast to infinite, abstract time.
A coincidence, unique; passing by in endless time.
Understanding of everything and the smallest detail
Is meaningful curiosity but finally senseless at all.
Lets do the best of the unique chance to be today.
I'm living and it's wonderful to be.

Life only means: To Be

Love scream

In the heart the soul shouts.
Longing for love searches.
Paralysis pain in throat and chest crushes.
I get crazy now.
Whisper little and quiet: chirp...
I like you.

Do you like me?

Longing for

Out of grey daily life fantasy entices.
Imagination, hope and deep wishes excites.
Experienced life and fabulousity comes up.
Never reached achievements should be once.
Superior, desire dominates the senses.
The heart, it is dreaming.
My spirit wants to get out and cries.

Because it wants to you.


I wish my heart would be free.
I wish my mind would be free.
I wish my wishes and dreams would be free.
I wish I would be free of all which limits me.
I wish I would be free of what other people think what I should be.
I wish I could only just me.
I wish our love would be free, where only we could be ourselves.
Let it be that we would others always be what they want to be or become.
Let it be that all people will be free of others.


You are so lovely, so saucy, so cheeky.
Your humour, so deep, it does so good.
You never say it...
Your spirit sneaks quietly away.
Your heart betrays your mind.
It sends massages and overwhelming hugs to me.
My heart likes you because your heart likes me.

They are talking without words.
They yearn for being together.


The rush of the seashore, sunshine, blue colours everywhere.
Warm sand, the light breeze cools.
A green small forest and fisher boats are rocking.
White beach and grey rocks so strong.
The heart is happy, the senses are enjoying.
Tourists noise and garbage, a child is screaming.

The hungry, white seagull doesn't notice (it) and won't change anything.

With my eyes

You are so beautiful in my eyes, for me.
First class, the only one.
It hurts so much in my eyes.
It cuts so deep, the pain through my eyes.
What am I doing, what am I talking, what do I see with my eyes?
It is so wonderful to look at you, also in my memory.
The pictures: the liveliness, this smile, your cheeky face, your charm, the fear which Makes me shiver.

Please take me in your arms.
You are so soft but also hard.
You are the fun in my guts,
The sun, it burns so hot in my eyes.
I was crying.

Having in common

I think of you, a smile immediately is on my face. That is wonderful.
Your face, the mouth so red, your warm nature. Terrific you are.
The happiness when we see eachother, you like to laugh so much with me.
You understand and follow even my deepest thoughts.
We like us, we feel, think and wish the same things.
It is our hearts, because they belong together.
The future, the chance for love, we sense and guess it.
I like you because you like me, you showed interest in me.
It started first from you, now from me.
You make me feel good. I make you feel good.
I take your hand, a kiss, a deep look:

We will be happy, because we are similar and we understand.

Having in common

My eyes are quietly touching yours.
MY hand strokes the air around you.
My lips are swinging and discover all of you.
They are singing the deep dream of longing love.
Like soft music, that sparkling, tickling unregs you.
Like tracing wind surround you which keeps you warm.

We dive into soft prime of lovefeelings.


It gives me power, confidence and future.
The energy of good, of experienced life.
After one down follows a high, surely.
Tomorrow will be a nice day, a new beginning.
Luck doesn't know time.
Without it one lives poorer, colder.

The smile on my face shows...


Harsh, loud, coloured atmosphere. Wow!
Fucking aggressions beating of, rhythm, feeling.
Looking around, searching; being cool and sexy.
Idiotic, stupid: Some try to hold conservation.
Only good looking and young counts, character, spirit? Who the fuck cares!
Mad, ignorant, flat glamourworld.
Chance of instinctive, animal way.

Or just have fun, enjoy dance and music.


The fizzle, which is itching me, which is stitching into my eyes.
Attracts me with her marvellous splendid flower.
So wonderful, so beautiful, mighty and proud.
Oh no!

Yes, if I could hug you stroke you.
I want it so much.
You can't do it:
Your roots are your fetter.

Only the wind, the storm can take you.

My tears soften your thorns.
Kissing your hot, wet splendour.
Pushing deeper, diving into...

Did forget that your are a fizzle.
Don't want to cry any more.


The true weight of social, cultural power,
The real, dominating majority draws a picture of the common state.

Everywhere rabbish , where nobody is responsible.
Everywhere coarse, because one believes it 's save
And thinks that he doesn't need the other one anymore.

Nature doesn't know refuse, doesn't blame.
Everything belongs naturally.

The scum, the pest are the bloody egoists.
They are not even animals, nor plants.
They just belong unnaturally to us.
Social being is quiet often very small.


From the sent of fresh orangeflowers
Stimulated air.

Beguile, knock out!

Like a stoned bee, which:
Lies on her back,
Flat out,
With squinting eyes
Looking up,
Just had sex.

Turning, dizzy pupils, drunken figure!

Breaking up, new beginning with sunny feelings.
Hurrah it is spring .

Snuffle time

Rose leaves

They will be gone.
Those roses you never got.
Which I collected for you,

Those dried, kept, scented leaves
Which should cover you and
Lift up your attractive, sexy body.

They will be gone
Like my budding feelings for you.

Scent Of Champagne

I like your smell.
Looking for you.
Why aren't you here?

Happy face,
Natural beauty,
Where are you?

I enjoy being with you,
Breeze all of you.
Zip, suck your scent
Inhale you.

Perfume and Champagne!
You are so wonderful and prickle.
You are my sparkling beauty.


I love you
Miss you,
Want you.

Much too much!
In the endlessness nothing is forever.
Only the time!

Ups! She doesn't exist,
Is only fiction, manmade.
Exists only for us
Until our death.

You are really my endless loveliest time.

Broken Heart

It is so quiet.
Slowly wet loneliness is creeping up.
I'm cold so bitterly.

Bursting hope,
Pain in my head, in my stomach
Is strangling my throat.
Disappointments are darkening my soul.
Old scars are itching.

My feelings are bleeding and crying.
I want to sleep endlessly.

Why do I hope.
Why do I trust.
Why me?

I am afraid of her.
She 's not like me.
Her feelings are half
She betrays me, herself.

My warm heart, my tenderness
My longing for love is hurt, shocked,
Is wounded.
I am in pain
Want to love further..
Want to continue.

My most beautiful me,
My open being is iced.

Killed love and lust.
Murdered blue love-scream!

Painful death of a short love.


I look at you more and more.
Go deeper!
I'm sinking, drowning, dive inside you.

Went much to far, got lost.
I'm chained, fascinated, blinded,
Disappeared and gone.

Feel with wide astounded eyes
No more believed luck of love
And close those melted eyes.

My pulsing open heart is racing.
My swollen soul,
My floated feelings are drowned with tears.
They shout and cry:

"Rosinka! I'm loving you!"

Your Child

There is a man in the air.
A woman locked in the house.
A child in the water drowning.

The man blows the air, blows stronger and stronger.
The waves are getting bigger and bigger.
The woman is shouting, screaming, crying.

The waves are pushing the child towards the house.
She opens her arms and takes her child.
She loves him.

It wasn't his child.
He loves her and the child.


My thoughts are always with you.
It is struggling yearning,
Pushing desire and tuff separation!

It is happiness of being the chosen one.
There are tears of luck because of sure love-feelings.
We know surly we love eachother truly and deep.

Real world creates borders of languages and pass-control..
Our love needs, stands and fights
For a boundless, free world of love.


You are so far away, miles.
What a vague cut
What a longing.

Our hope clues.
Our love soothes.
Our confidence calms.

What a happiness
When we see us again.


The most Beautiful and Wonderful,
A very precious Jewel and Treasure
My sweet Love and Lust,
My big Desire and Need,
My attractive Lady, Woman and Wife.

An extraordinary Personality with
Charisma and Elegance,
A wonderful Mother and Friend
My humorous Child and Clown,
My soft Pillow and Dream,
My magic Star and Delight.

My new Happiness and Life

Wait for Me

My Love hold out,
Hold out!

Our love is born.
The spirit lives inside us,
Wherever we are,
Wherever we go,
Apart or together.

Hold out, hold out
For some More Days!

When we will be united,
We and our Love will be together.


Sunshine, blue sky, white beach and
The sound of crushing sea-waves
Are lifting up my mood.
Good feelings are coming up.

A light autumn wind blows and
Flies towards the sunset.
Mild silence and light waves
Are whispering it to you
With warm sunbeams:


We are

Gently we are
Touching softly our hearts,
Caressing tenderly our souls,
Warming lovingly our feeling of happiness.

Shivering we are
Sucking hope by a thin straw,
Crying apart for the same separation bitterly,
Begging imploringly:
Please come to me!


Your elegant beauty makes my eyes aching.
Your sweet kisses are drowning me into the ocean of honeysuckle.
Your sent is the perfume that knocks me out.
Your soft hands are sparkling magic sticks.

Your fantastic body is kicking me tenderly.
Your erotic rounds are making me stiff and dizzy.
Your pure, clean heart is killing and
Rocking me on my deepest ground.

Feeling your warm love hurts me

The Paradise Of Madness

Dancing greenish goblins and mad clowns.
Flying submarines and diving helicopters.
Swinging mountains and jumping clouds.
Laughing rooms and mirrors.
Talking yesterdays and tomorrows.
Burning air and ice.

Making love in my flying Mercedes Benz.


Tenderly I take your face into my hands.
And you touch lovingly mine.
We are caressing and kissing us.

We are searching for, finding and seeing us
In our eyes!

We are looking deep and deeper,
Down to the bottom...
Our wide open hearts are meeting,
Kissing and falling in love.

We love eachother.


Long uncertainty at last is over.
Beautiful showing happiness
Is laughing and jumping inside me.

Finally endless love streams out of me.
It burns inside me and gives me warmth.
She lives in me and gives me shelter.
She flowers in me for you.

Very strongly I feel your love as well as mine.
It is wonderful magic
When they are together.



You are so beautiful.
You turn me on so strong.
You've got the way, the style, the elegance.
You've got the most beautiful mouth.

Your eyes are pulling me in.
Your lips are sucking on me.
Your rounds are turning me hard on.
Your lust with silent, full enjoyment is also love.

You are my living dream.

Welcome my visitors, my lovely friends,

I'm updating my poems quiet often. So have a look from time to time. There will be surely always something new for you.

Please if you don't like or you think you know better something don't worry to tell me. Or if you came along just to say "hello", so please use the link "Kommentare und Anregungen" on the left.

Saying "Tschüs ssss...."
And always have a sweet smile on you!

Urlaub in der TürkeiUrlaub in der Türkei
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Urlaub in der Türkei
Urlaub in der TürkeiUrlaub in der Türkei
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Urlaub in der Türkei
Urlaub in der Türkei
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